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    Wu Mei 邬玫



  1. 展览的一部分将会反映达克饭店里发生的变化。
    Some of the exhibit reflects changes in Hudec's hotel.
  2. 达克钦佩于纽约哥特式装饰艺术的建筑。
    Hudec was inspired by the Gothic Art Deco American Radiator Building in New York.
  3. 当时,几乎没有人关注人口老龄化的问题,沧萍教授想用这种说法惊醒政府,以便对这个问题有所准备。
    At that time population ageing was receiving little attention, and he wanted to shock the government into preparing for it.
  4. 然而所有他其余的作品在国际饭店面前都要黯然失色。这是达克皇冠上的宝石,中国建筑史上的杰作。
    Yet all his other work pales beside the Park Hotel, the jewel in Hudec's crown and a masterpiece in China's architectural history.
  5. 达克古典主义设计的典范,坐落于四川路上的该大楼1927年由当时中国最大的银行委托建造。
    An example of Hudec's classical designs, the building on Sichuan Road was commissioned by China's largest bank at the time in 1927.
  6. 它通过适宜的比例、元素的组合、材料的结合来引发对细节的影响和关注,从而展现了达克精湛的技巧。
    It shows Hudec's mastery through its fine proportions, the grouping of elements, the combining of different materials for effect and attention to detail.
  7. 这是关于“中国大陆江苏省无锡市惠山区洛社镇张皋庄村巷”邮政编码的网页,以及详细地区信息和在线地图。
    This is a page about postal code of "Luo She Zhen Zhang Gao Zhuang Cun Wu Xiang , Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China", with area information and online map.
  8. 北京外国语大学国际对外关系及外交学院的尹其教授说,无条件对外援助并不总是能换来双赢的局面。
    Yin Jiwu, a professor from the School of International Relations and Diplomacy at Beijing Foreign Studies University, said that unconditional aid does not always result in a win-win situation.
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