1. 江流汤汤,山岳峭峭,大地葳葳,苍宇浩浩。
    Encircling caught the mountains, the mountains, the Veda Veda space.
  2. 海参葳坐落于金角湾前方的丘陵地区。
    The city is located on the hills at the head of Zolotoy Rog Bay.
  3. 克莱德是葳豆儿小姐的驾驶员,
    Clyde Pangborn was the pilot of Miss Veedol.
  4. 乌立克只从葳玛的蓝色大眼看见诺咪的影子;
    All Ulic could see in Vima's big blue eyes were images of Nomi.
  5. 分离鉴定了5个三萜类化合物:葳岩仙皂苷C(1)、木通皂苷D(2)、木通皂苷F(3)、熊果酸(4)和常春藤皂苷元(5)。
    Five triterpenoids were isolated and their structures were identified to be cauloside C (1), akebiasaponin D (2), akebiasaponin F (3), ursolic acid (4) and hederagenin (5).
  6. 沙生灌木沙漠葳区域栽培试验
    Introduction and cultivation trials of Chilopsis linearis in different areas of China
  7. 不同土壤水分胁迫下沙漠葳的生长及生物量的分配特征
    Growth and biomass allocation of Chilopsis linearis under different soil water stresses
  8. 这是海参葳的码头,他旁边的潜艇现在被作为了一个博物馆。
    And this is the quay of Vladivostok and a submarine beside it that now serves as a museum.
  9. 我期待增加25000葳“喜欢”狗爱好者对英语口语的目标。
    I'm looking to add 25000 Facebook Fans "Likes" targeted towards English Speaking dog lovers.
  10. 陈葳博士现任英国谢菲尔德哈莱姆大学组织与管理学院高级讲师。
    Dr.Wei Chen is a senior lecturer of Organization and Management Faculty, Sheffield Hallam University.
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