• - (细小; 轻微) minute; tiny; light; slight:

    slow fire; 微火

    drizzle; 微雨

    - (精深奥妙) profound; subtle; abstruse:

    subtle; delicate; 微妙

    subtle 精微

  • - (主单位的一百万分之一) one millionth part of; micro-:

    microgramme 微克

  • - (衰落) decline:

    decline; wane 衰微

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wei Hu 微虎



  1. 微陨星微小的陨星颗粒,特指大量坠向地球或月球表面的微陨星
    A tiny particle of meteoric dust, especially one of many that fall to the surface of the earth or moon.
  2. 小的体积极小的;微小的
    Extremely small in size; tiny.
  3. 现代医学大大归功于某些传达室染疾病的微生物的发现。
    Modern medicine owe a great deal to the discovery of certain tiny disease-carrying organisms.
  4. 微循环是指微动脉和微静脉之间的血液循环。
    Microcirculation is the blood circulation between arteriole and veinule.
  5. 你还拥有那份报纸吗?新浪微博网易微博腾讯微博人人主页开心主页
    Have you still got that newspaper?
  6. 她明天必须兑现一张支票。新浪微博网易微博腾讯微博人人主页开心主页
    She has to cash a check tomorrow.
  7. 我们有时候在深夜吃点心。新浪微博网易微博腾讯微博人人主页开心主页
    We sometimes have a snack late at night.
  8. 他把一本书放回箱子里。新浪微博网易微博腾讯微博人人主页开心主页
    He put a book back into the box.
  9. 下周的此时,我们的祖父母会来我住的地方。新浪微博网易微博腾讯微博人人主页开心主页
    My grandparents will be visiting my place by this time next week.
  10. 显微观察微胶囊形貌完整。
    The optical morphography shows that the microcapsules are integrated.


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