1. 你的胃痛好些还是更坏了?
    Is your stomach getting better or worse?
  2. 大夫治好了他的胃病。
    The doctor cured him of his stomach trouble.
  3. 他胃不舒服。
    He has an upset stomach.
  4. 在他的胃部发现了一个恶性肿瘤。 
    A malign tumour was found in his stomach.
  5. 忧虑可能会引起胃部不适。
    Anxiety may disorder the stomach.
  6. 胃不能接受过多的食物。
    The stomach rebels against too much food.
  7. 食物由胃进入小肠。
    Food passed from the stomach to the small intestine.
  8. 那个老人得了胃溃疡。
    The old man has a stomach ulcer.
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