• - (像鲜血或石榴花的颜色) red:

    red cloth; 红布

    flush and turn pale by turns; 脸上红一阵白一阵

    - (象征顺利、成功或受人重视、欢迎) symbol of success,luck,popularity,etc.:

    good luck; 红运

    get off to a good start; 开门红

    - (象征革命和政治觉悟高) revolutionary; red:

    the red month of May; 红五月

    red in heart and firm in will; 心红志坚

  • - (象征喜庆的红布) red cloth,bunting,etc. used on festive occasions:

    hang up red festoons; 挂红

    wear red sashes or cloth as a sign of honour,festivity,etc. 披红

    - (红利) bonus; dividend:

    distribute or draw dividends 分红

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Hong Yun 红云

  • - (构词成分)见“女红” [nǚ gōng]



  1. 我有一件红色的有羊毛衬里的运动服。
    I have a red tracksuit with fleecy lining.
  2. 边上打了一个漂亮的红勾。
    There was a nice red tick in the margin.
  3. 我有一辆红色的自行车。
    I have a red bike.
  4. 我们用红皮球换下了蓝皮球,看这婴儿会不会发觉。
    We substituted a red ball for blue to see if the baby would notice.
  5. 天空慢慢由蓝色变为红色。
    The sky slowly changed from blue to red.
  6. 天竺葵是种开红、粉红或白色花的花园植物。
    The geranium is a garden plant with red, pink or white flowers.
  7. 我有一件红色的华达呢上衣。
    I have a red gabardine coat.
  8. 容妆是与礼服相称的粉红色口红与粉红色腮红。
    Her pink lips and pink blush match so well with her outfit.
  9. 她的红帽、红鞋和她的红色衣服十分协调。
    Her red hat and shoes correspond with her red dress.
  10. 他的嘴红如森林里最红艳的浆果;
    His mouth was as red as the reddest forest berries.


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