• - (用微火慢煮) cook over a slow fire; simmer; stew:

    stew chicken 煨鸡

    - (烧熟食物) roast (sweet potatoes, etc.) in fresh cinders; bake:

    roast chestnuts 煨栗子



  1. 肉清汤一种在已加入调味料的水中煨牛肉或鸡肉而做的清淡的肉汤
    A clear, thin broth made typically by simmering beef or chicken in water with seasonings.
  2. 水果已用糖水煨了3个小时了。
    The fruit has been stewing in sugar water for three hours.
  3. 揭开锅盖,让汤再慢火煨一下。
    Uncover the pan and let the soup simmer.
  4. 焙盘菜已放在烤箱里慢慢煨着等午饭时吃。
    A casserole was already in the oven cooking gently for luncheon.
  5. 把肉放进去,把它煨成淡褐色。
    Put the meat in and draw it down to a light brown color.
  6. 把汤小火煨上10分钟。
    Allow the soup to simmer gently for ten minutes.
  7. 汤在炉子上煨。
    The soup simmered on the stove.
  8. 再将红酒和水加入锅中煨煮。
    Pour red wine and water into the pan for simmering.
  9. 我想把炖肉煨五分钟。
    I want to leave the stew to simmer for five minutes.
  10. 果酱一种由用糖炖煨过的水果做成的果酱
    A jam made of fruits stewed in sugar.
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