• - (灼人) burn; scald:

    Be careful not to burn your mouth. 小心别烫痛嘴。

    Don't be scalded by boiling water. 别让开水烫着。

    - (用热水加热或洗) heat up in hot water; warm:

    bathe one's feet in hot water; 烫脚

    heat wine (by placing in vessel containing hot water) 烫酒

    - (熨烫) iron; press:

    Damp clothes iron [press] easily. 湿衣服容易烫平。

    - (指烫发) perm:

    have one's hair permed; 电烫头发

    have a cold wave 冷烫

  • - (物体温度高) very hot; scalding:

    boiling hot water; scalding water; 滚烫的水

    This soup is boiling hot! 这汤真烫!



  1. 我把衬衫烫 胡了。
    I scorched my shirt when I was ironing it.
  2. 别摸那个盘子--烫极了!
    Don't touch that dish it's very hot!
  3. 熨斗太热了,你会把衣服烫焦的。
    The iron's too hot, you'll singe the dress.
  4. 热咖啡能造成一度烫伤。
    Hot coffee can give first-degree burns.
  5. 锅炉爆炸时她被烫伤了。
    She was scalded when the boiler exploded.
  6. 这是治疗烧伤和烫伤的药膏。
    This is an ointment for burns and scalds.
  7. 他在烫伤处擦了些药膏。
    He put some of the cream on his burn.
  8. 那位艺术家用烧热的针在书的封面上烫出图案。
    The artist tooled a pattern onto the cover of the book with a hot needle.


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