• - (水流弯曲处) bend:

    river bend 河湾

    - (海湾) bay; gulf; cove; inlet:

    the Persian Gulf; 波斯湾

    the Bohai Bay; 渤海湾

  • - (使船停住) anchor; moor; tie up:

    tie up at the harbour; 湾泊港口

    Moor the boat over there. 把船湾在那边。



  1. 我看到两个小孩正在一个小海湾里玩耍。
    I saw two children were playing in a cove.
  2. 从我们的窗户里可以看到海湾里平静海水的迷人景色。
    We can see a magical view over the calm water of the bay from our window.
  3. 他画了海湾里一个风景如画的渔村。
    He painted the picturesque fishing village in the bay.
  4. 总统为自己能从海湾战争中见好就收感到暗自庆幸。
    The president hugged himself with pleasure over the quick withdrawal from the gulf war.
  5. 他用一支笔在地图上标出了波斯湾的位置。
    He indicated the location of the Persian Gulf with a pen on the map.
  6. 海湾由这样一个小湾或弓形湾形成的宽广海湾
    A wide bay formed by such a bend or curve.
  7. 港湾, 河口湾河流的低凹地区,在此水流与潮汐相遇。
    The part of the wide lower course of a river where its current is met by the tides.
  8. 他们沿着弯曲的小道下到了湾汊。
    They followed the winding path down to the creek.
  9. 优越配套、湾区专享。
    The optimum matching is exclusive to the bay regions.
  10. 曾有睡莲静静漂浮其上的湖湾现在也成了汽艇的避风港。
    The bay where water lilies quietly floated is now a harbor for motor boats.


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