• - (不冷不热) warm; lukewarm; hot; gentle; mild:

    lukewarm water 温水

  • - (温度) temperature:

    air temperature; 气温

    take one's temperature 量体温

    - (瘟) acute communicable diseases
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wen Tingyun 温庭筠

  • - (稍微加热) warm up; reheat:

    warm up the milk; 把奶温热

    Warm the medicine before you drink it. 把药温一下再喝。

    - (温习) review; revise; go over:

    go over one's lessons; 温书

    revive an old dream 重温旧梦



  1. 这种花在温暖的气候中长得茂盛。
    This species of flower flourishes in a warm climate.
  2. 今天气温有多少度?五十几度(不到六十度[五十度出头])。
    How warm is it today? It's in the (high/low) fifties.
  3. 就在这些季节里,热气团与冷气团的温差最大。
    It is during these seasons that the differences in temperature between warm and cold masses of air are greatest.
  4. 花园里的空气一片温馨。
    The air in the garden was warm and fragrant.
  5. 天气温暖宜人。
    The air was warm and balmy.
  6. 冰在温暖的天气中溶化了。
    Ice dissolved in the warm weather.
  7. 下雪在这个温暖的地方是一种罕见的景象。
    Snow is an unusual sight in this warm place.
  8. 冬天的时候,我们不得不穿上温暖的衣服。
    We have to put on warm clothing in winter.
  9. 测量了绝热壁温、壁温等温度场。
    The temperature fields of adiabatic wall and conductive wall were measured.
  10. 比较系统地分析了示温漆的颜色温度特性,提出了几种温度识别方法。
    The color and temperature property of thermopaint are studied in this paper.


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