• - (用土、灰等涂抹墙壁或器物) cover or daub with plaster, putty, etc.; putty; plaster:

    fix a windowpane with putty; 把窗玻璃用油灰泥上

    cover the crevices in a wall with mud or plaster 泥墙

  • - (固执) stubborn; bigoted; obstinate:

    be a stickler for; rigidly adhere to 拘泥

  • - (含水的半固体状的土) mud; mire:

    scrape the mud off one's shoes; 刮掉鞋上的泥

    mud wall; 泥墙

    - (像泥的东西) any paste-like matter; mashed vegetable or fruit:

    apple sauce; 苹果泥

    minced meat; 肉泥

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Ni Jian 泥坚



  1. 他去掉鞋上的泥。
    He removed the mud from his shoes.
  2. 公共汽车开过时溅了我一身泥。
    As the bus passed, it spattered mud on my clothes.
  3. 他用树枝在泥里探寻,想找回丢失的戒指。
    He probed the mud with a stick, looking for the ring he had dropped.
  4. 孩子们喜欢看河马在泥中打滚。
    The children enjoyed watching the hippopotamus wallowing in the mud.
  5. 阵雨过后走在乡村小路上,杰克的鞋子上沾了些泥块。
    Jack's shoes were caked with mud in a country road after a shower.
  6. 我的车陷入泥中,一动也不动。
    My car's stuck in the mud, and it won't budge.
  7. 雨把尘土变成了软泥。
    Rain turns dust into mud.
  8. 他在门前的粗糙的垫子上把鞋上的泥蹭掉。
    He cleaned the mud off his shoes on the shaggy mat in front of the door.


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