• - (叹惜) sigh:

    feel sorry for; pity; sympathize with 惋叹



  1. 我们的生命将如同怅惋的花朵。
    Our life would be like gloomy flowers.
  2. 他把他的感情宣泄在凄惋而庄严的诗句里。
    He recorded his emotion in elegiac lines of magnificent dignity.
  3. 她的声音如此微弱和凄惋。
    Her tone was so faint and desolate.
  4. 《山楂树之恋》是一部纯真、悲惋的爱情故事片。
    is a pure love story full of sentiment and affection.
  5. 《山楂树之恋》是一部纯真、悲惋的爱情故事片。
    Under the Hawthorn Tree is a pure love story full of sentiment and affection.
  6. 此人一一为具言所闻,皆叹惋。
    However, the fisherman told him what had taken place outside, and all of them sighed in astonished manners.
  7. 后殖民时代的叹惋或内疚也起到一定作用,尽管这个国家仍未完全适应失去了四分之一世界的现实。
    Post-colonial regret, or guilt may play its part in a nation still coming to terms with having lost one quarter of the world.
  8. 对于城市的感受可以是开阔恢宏的舒畅,可以是哀惋回旋的失落,也可以是简单随意的柔软。
    The feeling towards life can be at ease with open and splendid buildings, be disappointing with sad and winded constructions, and be soft with simple and casual architectures as well.
  9. 怀着惋叹的心境,狮子发现自己的钛原子皮肤已经冒出了水疱,这一定是烈性罡风腐蚀过后留下的伤痕。
    Now that the spectacle had run its ephemeral course, Leonicus became aware that his nuclo-titanium exoskin was starting to blister, the caustic hyperwinds taking their inevitable toll.
  10. 相对于小说与散文作品而言,其旧体诗创作更能展示出他本人的真率性情,主要表现为萦回不尽的漂泊意识与哀惋凄楚的感伤情怀,这些可以说是其一生坎坷历程的生动写照。
    Compared with his novels and prose, Yu's poetic works show more frankness of him, mainly display endless wandering consciousness and sad sentiment, and are his living portrait of frustrating life.
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