• - (婉转) tactful; polite; gracious:

    tactfully persuade sb. into doing sth.; 婉劝

    tactful; mild and roundabout 委婉

    - (柔顺) gentle and agreeable; meek:

    complaisant; obliging 婉顺

    - (美好) beautiful; elegant; graceful; charming:

    beautiful; charming; lovely; 婉丽

    young and handsome 婉娈



  1. 他的拒绝是那样委婉得体,所以我们并未感到不快。
    His refusal was worded in such a graceful way that we could not be offended.
  2. 楹联的语言美主要表现为新、象、婉、隐四要素的有机统一。
    Both theories are unified and thus come into a systematized entity.
  3. 婉达自从做噩梦以来一直睡在那小屋里。
    Wanda had been sleeping in the den ever since she had begun to have nightmares.
  4. 那条河婉蜒地流向大海。
    The river twisted toward the sea.
  5. 我请他吃饭,但他因有急事婉谢了。
    I invited him to dinner but he declined on account of urgent business.
  6. 这条小路婉蜒伸入神秘的原始森林之中。
    It straggled onward into the mystery of the primeval forest.
  7. 她需要使请求语气柔婉,以便尽可能把它变成有礼貌与客气。
    She needed to soften her request to make it as polite and courteous as she could.
  8. 其代表人物哈桑(Hasan),婉托拉(Ventola)和马丁(Martin)都致力于语类的研究。
    The representatives include Hasan, Ventola and Martin.
  9. 试论秦观词之婉美
    On the Prettiness of Qin Guan's Ci Poetry
  10. 我已经答应参加他的生日聚会,不得不婉谢你的邀请。
    Having been asked to his birthday party,I cannot help declining your invitation.


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