• - (挂) hang; suspend:

    a balloon suspended in mid air; 悬在半空中的气球

    The sun rides high in heaven. 红日高悬。

    - (挂念) feel anxious; be solicitous:

    be anxious about (sb. who is elsewhere) 悬念

    - (凭空设想) imagine:

    imagine; conjecture 悬拟

  • - (无着落; 没结果) outstanding; unresolved:

    an outstanding question; 悬而未决的问题

    This account has remained unsettled for a long time. 这笔账悬了好久了。

    - (距离远; 差别大) far apart:

    be separated by a great distance 悬隔

    - (危险) dangerous:

    Cycling in the fast traffic lane is really dangerous. 在快车道上骑自行车,可真悬。



  1. 悬挂式滑翔机藉著暖气流在高空飞行。
    Currents of warm air keep the hang-gliders aloft.
  2. 他设法抓住悬崖表面向外伸出的岩石。
    He managed to hang on to a piece of rock protruding from the cliff face.
  3. 她一点也不害怕悬挂式滑翔。
    Hang-gliding holds no fears for her.
  4. 在重要的节日,人们把国旗悬挂在门外。
    People hang national flags out on important holidays.
  5. 开出鲜艳花朵的爬藤植物瀑布般悬挂在花园墙上。
    Climbing plants with their bright flowers hung in cascades over the garden wall.
  6. 那盏灯悬挂在桌子上方。
    The lamp hung over the table.
  7. 当他跌倒时,便往一条悬挂的绳子抓去。
    As he fell, he caught hold of a hanging chain.


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