• - (进行某种活动的场所) a place where people gather:

    playground; sports [drill] ground; 操场

    meeting-place; 会场

    - (农场; 养殖场) farm:

    state farm; 国营农场

    chicken [duck] farm; 养鸡 [鸭]场

    - (场合) site; spot; scene:

    be absent from the scene; 不在场

    caught on the spot 当场抓住

    - (舞台) stage:

    come on the stage; enter; 上场

    leave the stage; exit 下场

    - (戏剧中较小的段落) scene:

    Act ,Scene Ⅲ 第二幕第三场

    - {物} (物质存在的一种基本形式) field:

    magnetic [electric] field 磁 [电]场

  • - (用于文娱体育活动) for sports and recreation:

    a film show; 一场电影

    a match; a ball game 一场球赛

  • - (平坦的空地,多用来翻晒粮食,碾轧谷物) a level open space; threshing ground:

    threshing 打场

    - (集; 市集) country fair; market:

    go to market 赶场

  • - (用于事情的经过) for the duration of sth.:

    go in for sth. in a big way; go all out; 大干一场

    be ill for a while; 害了一场病



  1. 当他穿着全套大礼服露面的时候,显得和整个场合很不协调。
    He looked rather out of place when he turned up in full ceremonial rig.
  2. 一场示威游行将要发生。
    A disorderly demonstration will take place.
  3. 运动员们离开赛场时,被愤怒的人群推搡着。
    The players were jostled by an angry crowd as they left the field.
  4. 球场很大,呈椭圆形。
    The playing-field is a large oval.
  5. 他们画出了足球场地的边界。
    They marked the boundaries of the football fields.
  6. 这个战场被视为圣地以纪念战死在这里的战士。
    This battle field is consecrated to the memory of the soldiers who died here.
  7. 足球场地应该平坦。
    A football field should be level.
  8. 现在场景转到仓库,行凶者正埋伏在那里伺机行动。
    And now the scene shifts to the warehouse, where the murderer is lying in wait.


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