• - (改变; 变化; 和原来不同) become different; change:

    change; 改变

    varied tactics; 多变战术

    - (变成) become; change into:

    Less advanced production teams have become advanced ones. 后进队变先进队。

    She has become an excellent student. 她已变为优秀学生。

    - (使改变) alter; change; transfer; transform:

    transfer wasteland into fertile fields; 变荒地为良田

    turn an agricultural country into an industrial power 变农业国为工业国

  • - (突然发生的非常事件) an unexpected turn of events:

    coup d'état; 政变

    mutiny; revolt; 兵变

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Bian Kang 变康

  • - (能变化的; 已变化的) changeable; changed:

    variable 变数



  1. 他的计划迅速变为现实。
    His plans were transformed overnight into reality.
  2. 魔术师把青蛙变成了公主。
    The magician transformed the frog into a princess.
  3. 天空慢慢由蓝色变为红色。
    The sky slowly changed from blue to red.
  4. 成功和财富改变了他的性格。
    Success and wealth transformed his character.
  5. 我已经改变主意。
    I've changed my mind.
  6. 咒语将青蛙和老鼠又变回成了人。
    The magic spell changed the frogs and rats back into men.
  7. 情况始终都在变化。
    Conditions are changing all the time.
  8. 水被加热时,可以变成水蒸汽。
    Water can be changed into vapor when heated.
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