• - (依靠; 依仗) depend on; rely on:

    depend on each other for existence; be bound by a common destiny; 相依为命

    be dependent on sb. for a living 依人篱下

    - (依从; 同意)comply with; listen to; yield to:

    You shouldn't comply with every wish of his just because he is a child. 不能因为孩子小,就什么都依着他。

    If we had listened to them, this hydropower station would never have been built. 当初要是依了他们的主张,今天就不可能有这个水电站。

  • - (按照) according to; in the light of; judging by:

    in the light of the situation at the time; as matters then stood; 依当时情况来说

    in a manner prescribed by law; 依法定程序

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Yi Feng 依封



  1. 他们依赖公众的赈济。
    They are dependent on public charity.
  2. 老年人可以找自己的朋友而不会在情感上太依赖他们的子女。
    Older people may seek their own friends rather than become too emotionally dependent on their children.
  3. 找个工作,别再依赖你的父母了。
    Find a job and end your dependence on your parents.
  4. 这个国家很大程度上依靠农产品的出口。
    The country is heavily dependent on its exports of agricultural commodities.
  5. 妇女的解放依靠她们自己。
    The emancipation of women depends on themselves.
  6. 小孩依赖他们的父母供给衣食。
    Children depend on their parents for food and clothing.


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