• - (接待别人的人) host:

    host and guest; 宾主

    host 东道主

    - (权力或财物的所有者) master; owner; possessor:

    the master of the house; 一家之主

    creditor; 债主

    - (当事人) interested persons or parties:

    owner of lost property; 失主

    buyer 买主

    - (基督教徒对上帝、伊斯兰教徒对真主的称呼) God; Lord; Allah:

    the Lord of Hosts; the God of Hosts; 万军之主(指耶和华)

    Allah 真主

    - (对事情的确定的见解) view; opinion; idea:

    have definite views of one's own; 颇有主见

    For a moment I just didn't know what to do. 我一时心里没主。

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Zhu Wenli 主问礼

  • - (负主要责任; 主持) lead; manage; take charge of:

    parents or guardians of bride and bridegroom; 主婚人

    manage the affairs; take charge of the business 主事

    - (主张) advocate; stand for:

    advocate war; 主战

    the hawks; 主战派

    - (预示) indicate; betoken; presage:

    betoken ill luck; 主凶

    Rosy morning clouds indicate rain, and a rosy sunset means fine weather. 早霞主雨,晚霞主晴。

  • - (最重要的; 最基本的) main; principal; primary:

    the principal section; principal cross-section 主截面

    - (从自身出发的) subjective:

    the subjective case; nominative case 主格



  1. 愿主赐福于你们大家。
    The blessing of the Lord be upon you all.
  2. 我是这所房子的主人。
    I am the owner of this house.
  3. 奴隶们起来反抗奴隶主并把他们都杀光。
    The slaves rebelled against their masters and killed them all.
  4. 这条狗始终忠于它的主人。
    The dog remained faithful to his master.
  5. 小狗朝着主人摇尾乞怜。
    The puppy was fawning on its master.
  6. 奴隶们用刀杀死了主人。
    The slaves slew their masters with swords.
  7. 当地地主常常虐待农民。
    The local lords often treated the peasants badly.


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