[laɪt]     [laɪt]    
  • n. 光;光线;灯;打火机;领悟;浅色;天窗
  • adj. 轻的;浅色的;明亮的;轻松的;容易的;清淡的
  • v. 点燃;变亮;照亮
  • adv. 清楚地;轻便地
lighter lightest lighted/lit lighted/lit lighting lights



n. (名词)
  1. 光,光亮
  2. 光线
  3. 光源,发光体
  4. 窗,天窗
  5. 眼神
  6. 暴露,显露
  7. 灯,电灯
  8. 启发
  9. 日光
  10. 点火物,火柴,打火机
  11. 浅色
  12. 亮色
adj. (形容词)
  1. 轻的
  2. 明亮的
  3. 少量的,分量不足的
  4. 浅色的,淡色的
  5. 清淡的
  6. 轻松的,容易做的, 不使人疲劳的
  7. 易消化的
  8. 易醒的
  9. 轻便的
  10. 柔和的
  11. 轻微的
  12. 微弱的
  13. 轻柔的
  14. 程度低的
  15. 不严厉的
  16. 娱乐性的
v. (动词)
  1. 点火,点燃,点着
  2. 开始燃烧,燃起来
  3. 照亮,使明亮
  4. 用光指引
  5. 偶然遇见,偶尔发现
  6. 开始吸一根烟
  7. 放光彩、光亮
  8. 喜形于色,喜气洋洋
  9. 变亮
  10. <旧><书>下马,下车,停落
  11. 【海】拉起
  12. 容光焕发,使容光焕发
  13. 生火
adv. (副词)
  1. 轻地
  2. 轻装地,轻便地
  3. 轻快地
  4. 淡地
  5. 清楚地


n. (名词)
  1. [U]光,光线,光亮 kind of natural radiation that makes things visible
  2. [C]光源,电灯,灯 source of light, especially an electric lamp
  3. [C]火焰,火花,点火物 flame or spark
adj. (形容词)
  1. 光线充足的,明亮的 full of light;not in darkness
  2. 淡色的,浅色的 pale
  3. 轻的,不重的 easy to lift or move;not heavy
  4. [A]轻柔的,轻巧的 gentle;delicate
  5. 易消化的,清淡的 easy to digest
  6. 容易做的,轻松易懂的 easy to carry out or perform;easy to understand
  7. 容易承受的,不严厉的 easy to bear, not severe
  8. 不猛烈的 not intense
  9. [A]稀少的 not dense
  10. [A]少量的 small in quantity
  11. [A]不沉的,不熟的 not deep
  12. [A]愉快的,无忧无虑的 cheerful;free from worry
v. (动词)
  1. vt. & vi. 点火,生火,点燃 put on;switch on;turn on;ignite;kindle
  2. vt. 照亮,照明 illuminate;illumine
  3. vt. & vi. (使)容光焕发 brighten


  1. (physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation;

    "the light was filtered through a soft glass window"

  2. any device serving as a source of illumination;

    "he stopped the car and turned off the lights"

  3. a particular perspective or aspect of a situation;

    "although he saw it in a different light, he still did not understand"

  4. the quality of being luminous; emitting or reflecting light;

    "its luminosity is measured relative to that of our sun"

  5. an illuminated area;

    "he stepped into the light"

  6. a condition of spiritual awareness; divine illumination;

    "follow God's light"

  7. the visual effect of illumination on objects or scenes as created in pictures;

    "he could paint the lightest light and the darkest dark"

  8. a person regarded very fondly;

    "the light of my life"

  9. having abundant light or illumination;

    "they played as long as it was light"
    "as long as the lighting was good"

  10. mental understanding as an enlightening experience;

    "he finally saw the light"
    "can you shed light on this problem?"

  11. merriment expressed by a brightness or gleam or animation of countenance;

    "he had a sparkle in his eye"
    "there's a perpetual twinkle in his eyes"

  12. public awareness;

    "it brought the scandal to light"

  13. a divine presence believed by Quakers to enlighten and guide the soul

  14. a visual warning signal;

    "they saw the light of the beacon"
    "there was a light at every corner"

  15. a device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or fires;

    "do you have a light?"

  1. of comparatively little physical weight or density;

    "a light load"
    "magnesium is a light metal--having a specific gravity of 1.74 at 20 degrees C"

  2. (used of color) having a relatively small amount of coloring agent;

    "light blue"
    "light colors such as pastels"
    "a light-colored powder"

  3. of the military or industry; using (or being) relatively small or light arms or equipment;

    "light infantry"
    "light cavalry"
    "light industry"
    "light weapons"

  4. not great in degree or quantity or number;

    "a light sentence"
    "a light accent"
    "casualties were light"
    "light snow was falling"
    "light misty rain"
    "light smoke from the chimney"

  5. psychologically light; especially free from sadness or troubles;

    "a light heart"

  6. characterized by or emitting light;

    "a room that is light when the shutters are open"
    "the inside of the house was airy and light"

  7. (used of vowels or syllables) pronounced with little or no stress;

    "a syllable that ends in a short vowel is a light syllable"
    "a weak stress on the second syllable"

  8. easily assimilated in the alimentary canal; not rich or heavily seasoned;

    "a light diet"

  9. (used of soil) loose and large-grained in consistency;

    "light soil"

  10. (of sound or color) free from anything that dulls or dims;

    "efforts to obtain a clean bass in orchestral recordings"
    "clear laughter like a waterfall"
    "clear reds and blues"
    "a light lilting voice like a silver bell"

  11. moving easily and quickly; nimble;

    "the dancer was light and graceful"
    "a lightsome buoyant step"
    "walked with a light tripping step"

  12. demanding little effort; not burdensome;

    "light housework"
    "light exercise"

  13. of little intensity or power or force;

    "the light touch of her fingers"
    "a light breeze"

  14. (physics, chemistry) not having atomic weight greater than average;

    "light water is ordinary water"

  15. weak and likely to lose consciousness;

    "suddenly felt faint from the pain"
    "was sick and faint from hunger"
    "felt light in the head"
    "a swooning fit"
    "light-headed with wine"
    "light-headed from lack of sleep"

  16. very thin and insubstantial;

    "thin paper"
    "light summer dresses"

  17. marked by temperance in indulgence;

    "abstemious with the use of adverbs"
    "a light eater"
    "a light smoker"
    "ate a light supper"

  18. less than the correct or legal or full amount often deliberately so;

    "a light pound"
    "a scant cup of sugar"
    "regularly gives short weight"

  19. having little importance;

    "losing his job was no light matter"

  20. intended primarily as entertainment; not serious or profound;

    "light verse"
    "a light comedy"

  21. silly or trivial;

    "idle pleasure"
    "light banter"
    "light idle chatter"

  22. designed for ease of movement or to carry little weight;

    "light aircraft"
    "a light truck"

  23. having relatively few calories;

    "diet cola"
    "light (or lite) beer"
    "lite (or light) mayonnaise"
    "a low-cal diet"

  24. (of sleep) easily disturbed;

    "in a light doze"
    "a light sleeper"
    "a restless wakeful night"

  25. casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior;

    "her easy virtue"
    "he was told to avoid loose (or light) women"
    "wanton behavior"

  1. with few burdens;

    "experienced travellers travel light"

  1. make lighter or brighter;

    "This lamp lightens the room a bit"

  2. begin to smoke;

    "After the meal, some of the diners lit up"

  3. to come to rest, settle;

    "Misfortune lighted upon him"

  4. cause to start burning; subject to fire or great heat;

    "Great heat can ignite almost any dry matter"
    "Light a cigarette"

  5. fall to somebody by assignment or lot;

    "The task fell to me"
    "It fell to me to notify the parents of the victims"

  6. alight from (a horse)



用作名词 (n.)
  1. I try to see but I'm blinded by the white light.
  2. I can't read while you are standing in my light.
  3. He turned off the light before going out.
  4. It was getting dark, so we switched on the light.
  5. Excuse me, have you get a light by any chance?
  6. If you think about it, you will eventually see the light.
  7. The portrait shows fine effects of light and shade.
用作形容词 (adj.)
  1. This is a heavy box, and that is a light one.
  2. She bent forward, and her fine light hair fell over her cheeks.
  3. It's beginning to get light.
  4. He prefers light fictions to serious novels.
  5. Since her accident she can only do light work.
  6. I advise you to go on a light diet for a while.
用作动词 (v.)
  1. I saw him enter the room, sit down and light a cigarette.
  2. Her face lit up when she saw he was coming.
  3. He struck a match to light the room.


用作名词 (n.)
according to one's (own) lights
    按照自己的认识,根据自己的能力 in conformity with one's beliefs, attitudes or abilities
bring to light
    揭露,暴露,发现 make sth known
    bring sth to light

    I will bring to light the truth.


    His enemies brought to light some foolish things he had done while young.


    The investigation brought to light a number of interesting facts.


    Many things left by the ancient Egyptians in tombs have been brought to light.


    Her little secret was soon brought to light.


    The crime was brought to light years later.


cast light on
    使…显得非常清楚,阐明,使人了解 make sth clearer
come to light
    显露,曝光,成为众所周知 be revealed;become known
hide one's light under a bushel
    含蓄不外露,过分谦逊 be very shy and modest and not show one's abilities or talents;be too modest in letting others see what one can do
in (the) light of
    鉴于,由于,按照 in view of sth;considering sth
light at the end of the tunnel
    成功之望 success, happiness, etc. after a long period of difficulty or hardship
see the light
    出版,发表 be made public
用作形容词 (adj.)
make light of
    对…不在乎,轻视 treat sth as unimportant
用作动词 (v.)
light on〔upon〕 (v.+prep.)
    (偶然)发现 discover sth, especially by chance
    light on〔upon〕 sth

    Tell us how you lit upon the idea for your invention.


light up (v.+adv.)
    开街灯或车灯 switch on light in a street or car
    light up

    The room suddenly lit up.


    The neon signs lit up.


    light up sth

    The search-light lit up the whole area.


    The lamp lit up the room.


    The light rays from the sun light up the globe.


    The house was lit up as though a big celebration was going on.


    All the streets were lit up with electricity.


    light up

    He usually lights up immediately after supper.


    The men settled down in their chairs and lit up.


    He struck a match and lit up.


    You must not light up after the formal dinner until the Queen's health has been drunk.


    light up

    Her face lit up when she heard the news.


    Mary's face lit up when she saw her old friend.


    Her eyes lit up when I mentioned a holiday.


    light up sth

    A smile lit up her face.


    At last he had a fortunate idea, and when it fell into his brain, it lit up his whole head with an evil joy.


    light up with sth

    When our delegation passed, her eyes lighted up with recognition.


    His face lit up with pleasure.


    light up

    At this time of the year, the official hour to light up is six-thirty.


    Be sure to light up as soon as the sun sets, or the police may stop your car.



用作名词 (n.)
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用作形容词 (adj.)
~+名词 副词+~ ~+介词
用作动词 (v.)
~+名词 ~+副词 ~+介词


  • Coming out..into the light after the darkness inside the hill.

    出自: A. Ransome
  • After dark, they worked by the light of the city's fires.

    出自: J. Hersey
  • A match flared, and in its momentary light Kino saw..the men were sleeping.

    出自: J. Steinbeck
  • Starting at early light from the old fort.

    出自: Frank Thompson
  • We skated..on into the evening by the light of fires.

    出自: H. E. Bates
  • She had only a candle's light to see by.

    出自: J. Fowles
  • Their luggage..was light enough to be entirely empty.

    出自: R. Bradbury
  • A girl in a light summer dress.

    出自: R. Brautigan
  • She was so light, he could pick her a baby.

    出自: B. Gilroy
  • Light the time of the accident was..the reason more vehicles were not involved.

    出自:Los Angeles Times
  • He piled these ancient books together and set them all on a light fire.

    出自: J. Jortin
  • Stern Hassan..from his horse Disdains to light.

    出自: Byron
  • The taper which was lighting in the room was burnt out.

    出自: Goldsmith
  • To travel in America one must travel light.

    出自: Cecil Roberts
  • His engine ran light from Orpington to Kent House.

    出自:Railway Magazine
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