• - (不幸的遭遇; 灾难) catastrophe; calamity; disaster; adversity:

    be faced with imminent disaster; 大难临头

    much distress regenerates a nation; 多难兴邦

  • - (质问) take to task; blame:

    blame; reproach; 非难

    censure; blame 责难

  • - (做起来费事的) difficult; hard; troublesome:

    The road is bad.; The going is hard. 路难走。

    I found English much more difficult to learn. 我发现英语难学得多。

    - (不容易; 不大可能) hardly possible:

    it's hard to say; you never can tell; 难说

    unforgettable 难忘

    - (不好) bad; unpleasant:

    taste bad; be unpalatable; 难吃

    unpleasant to the ear 难听

  • - (使感到困难) put sb. into a difficult position:

    This puts him in a difficult position. 这回把他难住了。

    The question put me on the spot. 这问题一下子把我难住了。



  1. 我们很难观察月亮的另一边。
    The far side of the moon is difficult for us to observe.
  2. 大家的反应如何难以估计。
    It was difficult to gauge how people would respond.
  3. 我解答不了这个难题。
    I can't solve the problem.
  4. 我们突然遇到各种各样的难题。
    All sorts of problems assailed us suddenly.
  5. 他可以招摇撞骗闯过任何难关。
    He could bluff his way through any difficulty.
  6. 我发现德语语法很难学。
    I found German grammar to be very difficult.
  7. 就英文而言,它并不像你所认为的那样难。
    So far as English is concerned, it is not so difficult as you might think.


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