• - (错误; 不正确) wrong; mistaken; erroneous:

    take sth. by mistake; 拿错东西

    He wrote my name wrong. 他把我的名字写错了。

    - (用于否定: 坏; 差) bad; poor:

    They are on good terms. 他们感情不错。

    This year's harvest is sure to be good. 今年的收成错不了。

    - (交叉; 参差; 错杂) interlocked and jagged; intricate; complex:

    with twisted roots and gnarled branches; complicated and difficult to deal with; 盘根错节

    be interlocked like dog's teeth; jigsaw-like; interlocking 犬牙交错

  • - (两个物体相对摩擦; 磨) grind; rub:

    grind one's teeth (in one's sleep) 错牙

    - (更迭; 交错; 错开) alternate; stagger:

    alternate joint; 错缝接合

    We can't hold the two meetings at the same time; we must stagger them. 这两个会不能同时开,得错一下。

    - (相对行动时避开而不碰上;错过) miss
    - (在凹下去的文字、花纹中镶上或涂上金、银等) inlay or plate with gold, silver, etc.
    - (打磨玉石) polish; grind
  • - (过错; 错处) mistake; fault; demerit:

    make mistakes; 出错

    You are not to blame; it is his fault. 这是他的错,不怨你。

    - (打磨玉石的石头) grindstone for polishing jade:

    Stones from other hills may serve to polish the jade of this one. -- Advice from others may help one overcome one's shortcomings. 他山之石,可以为错。

    - (精美的食物) delicacy:

    delicacies from land and sea 山珍海错

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Cuo Ming 错明



  1. 他对他的错深感羞愧。
    He felt mortified for his mistake.
  2. 都是我的错。
    It's all my fault.
  3. 不是我的错。
    It's not my fault.
  4. 你也好,我也好,都没错。
    Neither you nor I am wrong.
  5. 你的信息不准确,所以你的结论是错误的。
    Your information is inaccurate and your conclusion is therefore wrong.
  6. 不是你的错。
    It's not your fault.
  7. 让我们分析一下这道题,看什么地方出错了。
    Let's analyse the problem and see what went wrong.
  8. 你拨错电话号码了。
    You've dialed the wrong number.


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