• - (赠与) offer as a gift; make a present of sth.:

    present sb. with a generous gift of money 遗之千金

  • - (遗失) lose:

    lose 遗失

    - (遗漏) omit; slip over:

    slip over nothing whether big or small 巨细无遗

    - (留下) leave behind; keep back; not give:

    spare no efforts 不遗余力

    - (指死人留下) leave behind at one's death; bequeath; hand down:

    remains (of the dead); 遗骨

    posthumous work (of an author, etc.) 遗作

    - (排泄大小便或精液) involuntary discharge of urine, etc.:

    nocturnal emission; wet dream 梦遗

  • - (遗失的东西) something lost:

    No one pockets anything found on the road. 路不拾遗。

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Yi Peng 遗鹏



  1. 听到这个消息我感到很遗憾。
    I'm sorry to hear that.
  2. 寻物:遗失钻戒一枚,寻得者将获重酬。
    Lost: one diamond ring. Finder will be rewarded.
  3. `我又赔钱了。'`真遗憾!'
    `I lost again.' `Commiserations (ie I am sorry)!'
  4. 她为寻回遗失的手镯提出以酬金答谢。
    She offered a reward for the return of her lost bracelet.
  5. 有一货轮的钢材在海上遗失了。
    A cargo of steel was lost at sea.
  6. 他损失这么多钱,真是遗憾。
    It is a pity (that) he lost so much money.
  7. 他正在寻找一本遗失的书。
    He is hunting for his lost book.
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