• - (分辨不清; 失去判断力) be confused; lose one's way; get lost:

    lose one's bearings; get lost; 迷了方向

    The player can't see most of the game. 当局者迷。

    - (沉醉于) be fascinated by; indulge in; be enchanted with [by]; be crazy about:

    be crazy on [about] skating; 迷上了溜冰

    be fascinated; be enchanted; 入了迷

    - (使看不清; 使迷惑; 使陶醉) confuse; perplex; fascinate; enchant:

    be befuddled by a craving for wealth 财迷心窍

  • - (沉醉于某一事物的人) fan; enthusiast; fiend; maniac:

    a chess enthusiast; 棋迷

    a movie fan; a film fiend; 影迷

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Mi Tang 迷唐



  1. 他在荒地里迷了路。
    He lost his way in the heath.
  2. 他在森林中迷路了。
    He lost his way in the forest.
  3. 暴风雨过后,航行者们迷失了方向。
    These voyagers lost their way after the storm.
  4. 恐怕我的方位感很差,因此我容易迷路。
    I'm afraid I haven't got a very good sense of directions, so I easily get lost.
  5. 他迷了路,这使他耽搁了很久。
    He lost his way, which delayed him considerably.
  6. 我想我是迷路了,我找不到那座桥了。
    I think I'm lost; I can't find the bridge.
  7. 他对疯狂英语很着迷。
    He is crazy about Crazy English.


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