• - (轻微; 少)slight; meagre; small:

    thin; 单薄

    superficial; 浅薄

    - (不厚道) mean; stingy; ungenerous; unkind:

    unkind; mean; 刻薄

    treat ungenerously; 薄待

    - (不庄重) frivolous:

    given to philandering; frivolous 轻薄

  • - (稍微) slightly:

    have made a little study 薄有研究

  • - (看不起; 轻视;慢待) look down; belittle; despise; slight:

    despise; scorn; 鄙薄

    stress the present rather than the past; 厚今薄古

    - (迫近) approach; near:

    approach the shore; 薄海

    The sun is setting beyond the western hills. 日薄西山。

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Bo Zhao 薄昭

  • - (厚度小的) thin; flimsy:

    thin ice; 薄冰

    thinner paper 很薄的纸

    - (感情冷淡; 不深) cold; indifferent; lacking in warmth:

    lack of affection; 情薄

    treat him quite well 待他的情分不薄

    - (不浓; 淡) light; weak:

    a cup of light wine 一杯薄酒

    - (不肥沃) poor; infertile:

    infertile [poor] land 薄地



  1. 床单的中间部分磨薄了。
    The sheets have worn thin in the middle.
  2. 别对你弟弟那麽刻薄!
    Don't be so mean to your little brother!
  3. 她冲他说一些刻薄的挖苦话。
    She makes mean little digs at him.
  4. 这么做太刻薄了!
    What a mean trick it is!
  5. 别对你兄弟这么刻薄。
    Don't be so unkind to your brother.
  6. 冰太薄,承受不住你们的重量。
    The ice is too thin to bear your weight.
  7. 雪纺绸是一种几乎透明的丝质薄织物。
    Chiffon is a kind of thin, almost transparent fabric.
  8. 池塘上的冰面太薄了,不能滑冰。
    The ice on the pond is too thin for skating.


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