• - (构词成分)见下。见 jié。
  • - (物体各段之间相连的地方) joint; knob; node:

    joint (of bones); 骨节

    nodal wood; 节材

    - (段落) division; part:

    chapters and sections; 章节

    syllable 音节

    - (节日) festival; red-letter day; holiday:

    the Spring Festival; 春节

    National Day; 国庆节

    - (事项) item:

    trifling personal matters; 生活小节

    details 细节

    - (节操) moral integrity; chastity:

    moral integrity; 气节

    integrity in one's later years 晚节

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Jie Duo 节铎

  • - {航海} knot (船速单位; 1节=每小时1海里):

    The ship was sailing at 35 knots. 那艘船正以35节的速度航行。

    - (用于分段的事物或文章) section; length:

    Chapter Three, Section Two; 第三章第二节

    eighteen railway coaches; 18节车厢

  • - (节约; 节制) economize; save:

    economize on coal; save coal; 节煤

    I'd rather economize on clothes than food. 我情愿节衣不愿缩食。

    - (删节) abridge:

    abridged translation 节译



  1. 彩旗增加了节日的欢乐。
    Color flags added to the gaiety of the festival.
  2. 本市每年举行一次夏季音乐节。
    This city has a music festival every summer.
  3. 中国孩子会在春节前买很多鞭炮。
    Chinese children like to buy many firecrackers before the Spring Festival.
  4. 圣诞节要到了。
    The festive season is coming.
  5. 言词上请节制一点儿。
    Be more temperate in your language, please.
  6. 圣诞节是基督教的节日。
    Christmas is a festival of the Christian Church.
  7. 全镇沉浸在节日的气氛之中。
    The whole town is in a festive mood.
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