• - (刚出现的或刚经验到的) new; fresh; novel; up-to-date:

    up to the minute; 最新(式)的

    new custom [practice]; 新风尚

    - (没有用过的) unused; new:

    new clothes; 新衣服

    take out an unused rope; 拿出一根新绳子

    - (结婚不久的) recently married:

    newlywed 新人

  • - (新近; 刚) newly; freshly; recently:

    a newly built factory; 新建的工厂

    a freshly-painted door; 新上油漆的门

  • - (使变成新的) make new; renew:

    reform oneself; correct one's errors and make a fresh start; 改过自新

    repent and start anew; 悔过自新

  • - (新的人或事物) new:

    weed through the old to bring forth the new; 推陈出新

    love the new and loathe the old; be fickle in affection 喜新厌旧

    - (新疆) short for the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Xin Ming 新明

    - [前缀] ne-; neo-:

    Neo-Darwinism 新达尔文主义



  1. 你跟你的新上司处得如何?
    How are you doing with your new boss?
  2. 我在七点钟的新闻报道中听到了这则消息。
    I heard it on the 7 o'clock news.
  3. 北京广播电台向全世界播送新闻。
    Radio Beijing sends the news all over the world.
  4. 我正在用我新买的煎锅做苹果馅饼。
    I am cooking apple pies with my newly bought frying pan.
  5. 希望在新的工作岗位上,她的才干能够得到比以往更好的发挥。
    It is hoped that in her new job her talents will be better utilised than before.
  6. 新政府上台后,我们有几个计划被砍掉了。
    Several of our plans got the axe when the new government came in.


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