• - (用线绳等打结或编织) tie; knit; knot; weave:

    knit wool into a sweater; 把毛线结成毛线衫

    weave a net; 结网

    - (发生某种联系或关系; 凝聚) unite; connect; join; coagulate; congeal; form; forge; cement:

    form a scab; scab; 结痂

    be tied in wedlock; 结为夫妇

    - (结束; 了结) settle; conclude:

    in the final [last] analysis; 归根结底

    settle accounts 结账

  • - (用线绳等打成的扣; 结成物) knot:

    tie a knot; 打结

    bowknot; 蝴蝶结

    - (保证负责的字据) written guarantee; affidavit:

    give a written guarantee 具结

    - {电子} junction:

    p-n junction; p-n 结

    grown junction 生长结

    - {生理} node:

    lymph node 淋巴结

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Jie Meng 结萌

  • - (长出果实或种子) bear (fruit); form (seed):

    blossom and bear fruit; 开花结果

    The peach trees are not going to bear well this year. 今年桃树结果不会多。



  1. 你需用快刀才能把结切断。
    You need a sharp knife to cut through the knot.
  2. 从新娘的花束上垂下来的丝带打成了一个结。
    Ribbon hung from the bride's bouquet was tied in a bow.
  3. 这女孩把线的两端结起来。
    The girl tied the ends of the thread.
  4. 共同的爱好使两人结交为朋友。
    Common tastes form a bond between the two men.
  5. 这块木板上有个结。
    There is a knot in the board.


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