• - (全; 完整) intact; whole:

    have cuts and bruises all over the body; 体无完肤

    When a bird's nest is overturned, no egg can remain intact. 覆巢之下无完卵。

  • - (完结; 完成) end; finish; complete; be over:

    The chicken died. 这只小鸡完了。

    The meeting will be over soon. 会马上就完。

    - (交纳) pay:

    pay farm tax; 完钱粮

    pay taxes 完税

    - (消耗尽; 不剩) run out; use up:

    We ran out of coal, and had to burn wood. 煤烧完了,只好烧木头。

    The ink is used up. 墨水用完了。

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wan Jie 完杰



  1. 我们相信你在星期五之前可以完成这篇论文。
    We are depending on you to finish the paper by Friday.
  2. 他花了半个小时做完这项工作。
    It took him half an hour to finish the work.
  3. 我疯狂地渴望去完成那件事。
    I have an insane desire to finish that thing.
  4. 我在完全了解事实真相后,才打消顾虑,支持他的立场。
    I hesitated about taking his side until I knew the whole story.
  5. 他请求我们帮他完成他的计划。
    He asked us to assist him in carrying through his plan.
  6. 我完全明白。
    I understand completely.
  7. 我完全同意你的看法。
    I entirely agree with you.


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