• - (释放; 放走) release; set free; let go:

    release; discharge; set free; 纵释

    free prisoners; 纵囚

    - (放任; 不约束) indulge; give oneself up to; let oneself go:

    indulge; connive at; let sb. have his way; 放纵

    pamper (a child) 娇纵

    - (纵身) jump; leap:

    The cat jumped onto the wall. 猫纵身跳上围墙。

    He gave a leap and landed himself on the saddle of the horse. 他身子一纵,就跨上了马。

  • - (地理上南北向的) from north to south:

    a north-south railway line; 纵贯铁路

    The Grand Canal flows southwards through the four provinces of Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. 大运河纵贯河北、山东、江苏、浙江四省。

    - (从前到后的) longitudinal; lengthwise:

    deep; in depth; 纵深

    lengthwise; 纵长

    - (跟物体的长的一边平行的) vertical; horizontal:

    vertical section 纵剖面

    - (有了皱纹) creased; crumpled:

    Take care not to crumple your dress by packing it carelessly. 当心不要因收放粗心压纵你的衣服。

  • - (纵然) though; even if; even though:

    Even though there are myriad hardships and hazards, they can't stop the dauntless explorers. 纵有千难万险,也挡不住英勇的探险队员。



  1. 船桅,桅杆一条高的(有时为分段的)垂直樯,从帆船的龙骨或甲板直立起来以支持帆和操纵装置
    A tall vertical spar, sometimes sectioned, that rises from the keel or deck of a sailing vessel to support the sails and running rigging.
  2. 灯芯绒,条绒一种有割成纵条的耐穿织物,通常是棉做的
    A durable cut-pile fabric, usually made of cotton, with vertical ribs.
  3. 在源文件中,打印在相同栏内的若干正文行的集合。在当前栏内所剩余的纵向空间放不下既定一段正文时,则这段正文从下一栏开始打印[或印刷]。在单栏格式的情况下,下一栏便是下一页。
    In a source document, a collection of lines of text to be printed in the same column. When the vertical space remaining in the current column is insufficient for the block of text, the text is printed in the next column. In the case of single-column format, the next column is on the next page.
  4. 这些餐桌是纵向摆放的。
    The tables were laid lengthwise.


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