• - (经过提炼或挑选的) refined; picked; choice:

    polished white rice; 精白米

    fine gold; 精金

    - (完美; 最好) perfect; excellent:

    excellent; superior; of the best quality; 精良

    smaller quantity, better quality; fewer but better 少而精

    - (细) meticulous; fine; precise:

    This vase is a piece of exquisite workmanship. 这花瓶工艺很精。

    - (机灵心细) smart; sharp; clever; shrewd:

    be selfish and calculating; 小算盘打得精

    He is too smart not to jump at the chance. 他这人很精,不会错过这个机会的。

    - (精通) skilled; conversant; proficient:

    have wide but not expert knowledge; know something about everything; 博而不精

    skilled in painting 精于绘画

  • - (提炼出来的精华) essence; extract:

    essence of mint [resin]; 薄荷 [松香]精

    extract of roses [malt]; 玫瑰 [麦芽]精

    - (精神; 精力) energy; spirit:

    concentrate one's attention; be all attention; 聚精会神

    in low spirits; out of sorts; 无精打采

    - (精液; 精子) sperm; semen; seed:

    fertilization; 受精

    emission 遗精

    - (精怪; 精灵) goblin; spirit; demon:

    White Bone Demon; 白骨精

    ogre; mischief-maker; 害人精

    - {中医} the fundamental substance which maintains the functioning of the body; essence of life
  • - (十分; 非常) extremely; very:

    soaked through; 精湿

    very lean; all skin and bone 精瘦



  1. 这些石油将被精炼。
    The oil will be refined.
  2. 他精于品味。
    He has a refined palate.
  3. 他穿着制服十分精神。
    He looks very manly in his uniform.
  4. 小女孩对有关永生的精灵的古老传奇非常感兴趣。
    The little girl is very interested in the old legend of immortal creatures.
  5. 她的剑术非常精湛。
    Her fencing is very consummating.
  6. 她的裙子有非常精致的花边。
    Her skirt has very exquisite lace.
  7. 我在一家非常富有创新精神的公司工作。
    I worked in a very innovative company.


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