• - (禁止) prohibit; forbid; ban:

    Opium taking is prohibited by law. 法律禁吸鸦片。

    Smoking and lighting fires strictly forbidden [prohibited]. 严禁烟火。

    - (监禁) imprison; detain:

    imprison 监禁

  • - (法令或习俗所不允许的事项) what is forbidden by law or custom; a taboo:

    strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions; 令行禁止

    on entering a country ask about its taboos; 入国问禁

    - (旧时称皇帝居住的地方) royal residence; forbidden area:

    the imperial palace; 宫禁

    the Forbidden City (in Beijing) 紫禁城

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Jin Ping 禁平

  • - (禁受; 耐) bear; stand; endure:

    too weak [frail] to stand a gust of wind; 弱不禁风

    Will this cloth stand a lot of washing? 这布禁洗吗?

    - (忍住) contain [restrain] oneself:

    cannot hold back one's tears; 不禁流下眼泪

    can't help laughing 不禁哑然失笑



  1. 这间办公室禁止吸烟。
    Smoking is forbidden in this office.
  2. 紫禁城对外国旅游者来说是个有巨大吸引力的地方。
    Forbidden City is a great magnet for foreign tourists.
  3. 合同中有一条款禁止承租人转租房屋。
    There is a clause in the contract forbidding tenants to sublet.
  4. 法律禁止盗窃。
    The law forbids stealing.
  5. 法院已经发布了禁止他们罢工一个月的禁令。
    The court has issued an injunction forbidding them to strike for a month.
  6. 国会通过了一项法令,禁止捕杀珍稀动物。
    Parliament has passed an Act forbidding the killing of rare animals.
  7. 他被禁止走进礼拜堂。
    He was forbidden to walk into the tabernacle.
  8. 法律禁止向18岁以下的人出售含有酒精的饮料。
    The law forbids the sale of alcohol to people under 18.


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