• - (相交的地方; 划分的界限) boundary:

    the boundary of a country; national boundary; 国界

    The boundary between Shanxi and Shaanxi is the Huanghe River. 山西和陕西以黄河为界。

    - (一定的范围) scope; extent:

    external world; 外界

    field of vision 眼界

    - (按职业、工作或性别等分成的范围) circles; world:

    all sections of the people; people of all walks of life; 各界人士

    world [circles] of literature and art; 文艺界

    - (大自然中动物、植物、矿物等的最大的类别)primary division; kingdom:

    the animal [vegetable, mineral] kingdom 动[植,矿] 物界

    - {地质}(地层系统分类的最高一级,相当于地质年代中的代) group:

    the Paleozoic group 古生界

    - {数} bound:

    upper [lower] bound 上[下]界



  1. 那条小路就是我们这片地的界线。
    The lane is the boundary of our land.
  2. 那球被正站在边界线内的守场员接住了。
    The ball was caught by a fielder standing just inside the boundary.
  3. 她的第一本书在文学界大为轰动。
    She has made quite a splash in literary circles with her first book.
  4. 她有财富便於她在社会各界造成巨大影响。
    Her wealth gives her enormous leverage in social circles.
  5. 英联邦在第一次世界大战前曾是一个强大的帝国。
    The United Kingdom was a mighty empire before World War I.
  6. 国与国之间的边界未明确划定时,通常会发生纠纷。
    When boundaries between countries are not clearly defined, there is usually trouble.
  7. 政界里有许多流言蜚语。
    There has been much gossip in political circles.


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