• - (沉没; 坠落) sink:

    sink to the bottom; 沉底儿

    The ship sank deep into the sea. 那条船深沉海底。

    - (沉下,多指抽象事物) keep down; lower:

    settle down (to one's work, etc.); concentrate (on one's work, study, etc.); 沉下心来

    put on a grave expression; pull a long face 把脸一沉

    - (停止) rest:

    rest a while, then take it up again 沉沉再办

  • - (程度深) deep; profound:

    be in a deep sleep ; be fast asleep; sleep like a log 睡得很沉

    - (分量重) heavy:

    This box is too heavy. 这箱子太沉了。

    - (感觉沉重) heavy:

    have a stiff arm; 胳膊沉

    My head feels heavy [fuzzy]. 我头有点发沉。



  1. 这艘船是被一艘核潜艇击沉的。
    The ship was sunk by an atomic submarine.
  2. 这艘船被敌人的鱼雷击沉了。
    The ship was sunk by an enemy torpedo.
  3. 船触礁沉没。
    The ship struck on a rock and sank.
  4. 这条船沉下四英寻。
    The ship sank in four fathoms.
  5. 我们要不把积水清除掉,船就要沉了。
    The boat will sink unless we bail out.
  6. 当他走后,她陷入沉思。
    When he left, she sank into melancholy.
  7. 大船要沉没了,乘客们被送到驳船上。
    The passengers were sent to the cutters as the ship was sinking.
  8. 轮船沉没于波涛下面。
    The ship sank beneath the waves.


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