• - (步度; 脚步) pace; step:

    parade step; goose step; 正步

    in difficult pass; can not move a single step; 寸步难移

    - (阶段) stage; step:

    getting harder and harder; become difficult step by step; 一步比一步难

    What's the next step [move] 下一步怎么办?

    - (地步; 境地) condition; situation; state:

    come to such a state 落到这一步

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Bu Zhi 步骘

    - (同“埠”,用于地名) same as “埠”,be used in a place name:

    Yanbu (in Guangdong Province) 盐步

  • - (用脚走) go on foot; walk:

    walk into the assembly hall; 步入会场

    walk down the slope 步下山坡

    - (踩; 踏) tread:

    follow slavishly 亦步亦趋

    - (用脚步等量地) pace off:

    pace off a distance of 20 metres 步测20米的距离

  • - (旧制长度单位,一步等于五尺) an old unit for measurement of length, equivalent to five chi



  1. 我喜欢沿着海滨散步。
    I like to walk along the seashore.
  2. 想去毛毛雨里散会儿步吗?
    Would you like to go for a walk in the drizzle?
  3. 我喜欢步行更甚于骑自行车。
    I prefer walking to cycling.
  4. 科学正在进步中。
    Science is on the march.
  5. 步行了四个小时以后,我们开始累了。
    After walking for four hours we were beginning to flag.
  6. 你想去散散步吗?
    Do you feel like a walk?
  7. 你想跟我去公园散步吗?
    Do you feel like going out for a walk in the park with me?
  8. 爸爸妈妈去散步了。
    My father and mother went for a walk.


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