• - (布料; 棉、麻、 棉型化学短纤维织物及混纺织物的统称) cloth; textile:

    cotton cloth; cotton; 棉布

    gunny cloth; burlap; hessian; 麻布

    - (古代的一种钱币) a copper coin in ancient times
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Bu Jingfan 布景范

  • - (宣告; 宣布) announce; declare; make known; proclaim; publish:

    publish; 公布

    make known to the public; 公布于众

    - (散布; 分布) spread; disseminate:

    spread gossip; 散布谣言

    check the spread of disease; 控制疾病传布

    - (布置) arrange; deploy; dispose:

    cast [drop] a net; set snares; 布网

    deploy troops; 布阵



  1. 布已经打成包。
    The cloth was packed in bales.
  2. 这块布料染的不好。
    This piece of cloth has bad coloration.
  3. 热天穿棉布之类有渗透性的材料制成的衣服最为适宜。
    In hot weather cloths made of a porous material like cotton are best.
  4. 这种布有蓝白格子的图案。
    This cloth has a pattern of blue and white squares.
  5. 假如我要做新衣服,需要很多布料。
    I need a lot of cloth if I want to make a new dress.
  6. 我喜欢这块布给我的感觉,它摸上去毛茸茸的很暖和。
    I like the feel of this cloth; it has a warm woolly feel.
  7. 布是按码卖的。
    Cloth is sold by the yard.
  8. 我用一块布擦窗子。
    I rubbed the window with a cloth.


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