• - (按次序摆; 排列; 编排) arrange; put in order:

    put the desks in order; 把课桌排整齐

    line up three deep; 排成三列横队

    - (排演) rehearse:

    dress rehearsal; 彩排

    rehearse a play 排戏

    - (用力除去) exclude; eject; discharge:

    drain the water away; 把水排出去

    prevail over all dissenting views; 力排众议

    - (冲开; 推开) push:

    push the door open and go straight in 排闼直入

  • - (横着排成的行列) row; line:

    back [front] row; 后[前]排

    sit in the middle row 坐在中排

    - {军} (军队编制单位) platoon:

    militiaman platoon; 民兵排

    The lieutenant was put in charge of an infantry platoon. 中尉被委任指挥一个步兵排。

    - (扎成排的竹子或木头) raft:

    timber [bamboo] raft 木[竹]排

    - (一种西式糕点) pie:

    apple pie 苹果排

  • - (用于成行列的东西) row; line:

    a row of poplars; 一排白杨树

    a row [line] of chairs 一排椅子



  1. 营长命令士兵们沿铁轨排开。
    The battalion commander lined his men along the railway.
  2. 孩子们整整齐齐排好队。
    The children lined up in an orderly fashion.
  3. 这一排排的房屋外表都是一样的。
    The rows of houses were uniform in appearance.
  4. 这些羊被赶在一起,排成歪歪扭扭的一行。
    The sheep were herded into a ragged line.
  5. 这位网球运动员排名世界第三。
    This tennis player ranked third in the world.
  6. 山脚下有几排帐篷。
    There are rows of tents at the foot of the mountain.
  7. 街那头是一排小商店。
    On the farther side of the street there was a row of small shops.
  8. 学生们手牵手站成一排。
    Students stand hand in hand in a row.


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