• - (完成; 成功) accomplish; succeed:

    after this is achieved; 事成之后

    have nothing accomplished; achieve nothing; 一事无成

    - (成为; 变为) become; turn into:

    The trees give welcome shade. 绿树成荫。

    Snow melts into water. 雪化成水。

    - (成全) help complete:

    help others to completion of a worthy goal; 成人之美

    kindly help make a success of it 玉成其事

    - (可以,能行) all right; O.K.:

    All right. Let's do it that way.; O.K. Go ahead. 成! 就这么办吧。

    No, you must go. 你不去可不成。

  • - (有能力的) able; capable:

    When it comes to farm work,he really knows his job. 说起庄稼活,他可真成!

    - (成熟) fully developed; fully grown:

    imago; 成虫

    adult 成人

    - (已定的; 现成的) established; ready-made:

    established practice; 成规

    ready-made clothes 现成服装

    - (整; 够; 强调数量多或时间长) in considerable numbers or amounts:

    for months and years; 成年累月

    row upon row of new houses; 成排的新房

  • - (成果; 成就) achievement; result:

    How can one sit idle and enjoy the fruits of others' labour? 怎能坐享其成?

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Cheng Qiao 成桥

  • - (十分之一) one tenth:

    a 20% increase in output; output increased by 20 per cent 增产两成



  1. 咒语将青蛙和老鼠又变回成了人。
    The magic spell changed the frogs and rats back into men.
  2. 拖了那么久,他终于完成了论文。
    After much delay, he finished his paper at last.
  3. 如果你努力工作,你就会成功。
    If you work hard you will succeed.
  4. 他渴望成功。
    He is eager to succeed.
  5. 如果你努力,你就会成功,那必然是真的。
    It follows that if you work hard, you will succeed.
  6. 我认为他会成功是理所当然的。
    I take it for granted that he will succeed.
  7. 像他这样的好学生一定会成功。
    Such a good student as he (is) will succeed.
  8. 我知道如果我坚持下去就会成功。
    I knew if I kept at it I should succeed.


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