• - (不相同; 不相合) difference; dissimilarity:

    time difference 时差

    - (差错) mistake:

    deviation 偏差

    - {数} (差数) difference:

    The difference between 6 and 3 is 3. 6和3的差是3。

  • - (稍微; 较; 尚) slightly; comparatively; a bit
  • - (派遣) send on an errand; dispatch:

    send a letter by messenger; 差人去送封信

    send [dispatch] him on an errand; 差他去办件事

  • - (被派遣去做的事; 公务; 职务) errand; job:

    public errand; noncombatant duty; 公差

    hold more than one job concurrently 兼差

    - (旧时的差役) corvée; runner or bailiff in a feudal yamen:

    manservant; office attendant 听差

  • - 同 “瘥” [chài]
  • - (不相同; 不相合) differ from; fall short of:

    We still fall far short of what the Party expects of us. 我们离党的要求还差得远。

    - (缺欠; 短少) wanting; short of:

    two people short; 差两个人

    seven days short of a year; 差7天不到一年

  • - (错误) wrong:

    You're wrong there. 这你可说差了。

    - (不好; 不符合标准) not up to standard; poor; bad; inferior:

    The results are by no means poor. 成绩不算太差。

    The factory's equipment is not up to much, but its products are not at all bad. 这个工厂设备差,可是产品并不差。

  • - (构词成分)见 “参差” [cēn cī]



  1. 就在这些季节里,热气团与冷气团的温差最大。
    It is during these seasons that the differences in temperature between warm and cold masses of air are greatest.
  2. 这对我没什么差别。
    It makes no difference to me.
  3. 我的日语相当差。
    My knowledge of Japanese is rather poor.
  4. 我的记性很差。
    I have a very poor memory.
  5. 我比较了复印件和原件,但是差别不是很大。
    I compared the copy with the original, but there was not much difference.
  6. 这两种颜色之间的差别很难区别。
    The difference between the two colors is imperceptible.
  7. 质量虽差,但仍能接受。
    The quality is not so poor but it is acceptable.


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