• - (托付) entrust; trust:

    entrust sb. with an important task 委以重任

    - (抛弃) cast aside; throw away; discard; abandon:

    cast away on the ground; cast sth. upon the ground 委之于地

    - (推委) shift:

    shift the blame onto others 委过

    - (积聚) accumulate:

    gather; accumulate 委积

  • - (曲折) roundabout; indirect; winding:

    tortuous; winding 委曲

    - (无精打采; 不振作) dispirited; dejected; listless:

    tired; weary; exhausted 委顿

  • - (委员) committee member:

    member of a standing committee 常委

    - (委员会) committee; commission; council:

    the Military Commission; 军委

    Party committee 党委

    - (水流所聚; 水的下游; 末尾) end:

    the beginning and the end; 原委

    get to the bottom of the matter 穷原竟委

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wei Jin 委进

  • - (的确; 确实) really; certainly; actually:

    This is the true story. 委系实情。

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