• - (借进) borrow:

    borrow a book from the library; 从图书馆借书

    borrow money from sb. 跟人借钱

    - (借出) lend:

    Could you lend me your bicycle? 你把自行车借给我骑一下好吗?

    Will you lend your knife to that man? 你能把小刀借给那人吗?

    - (假托) use as a pretext:

    use “aid” as a pretext for plunder; 借“援助”之名,行掠夺之实

    He found an excuse and left. 他借故走了。

    - (凭借; 趁着) make use of; take advantage of (an opportunity, etc.):

    Fanned by the wind, the fire burned more and more furiously. 火借风势,越烧越旺。

    I wish to take this opportunity to thank you all. 我愿借此机会向大家表示感谢。



  1. 必须向人借钱使他感到羞辱。
    It galled him to have to ask for a loan.
  2. 她提出把汽车借给我用。
    She offered me the loan of her car.
  3. 他又拿出惯用的借口,说他太忙了。
    He came out with his staple excuse that he was too busy.
  4. 我可以借用你的钢笔吗?
    May I borrow your pen?
  5. 你并不认为我会相信那个可鄙的借口,是吧?
    You don't expect me to believe that pitiful excuse, do you?
  6. 他以请我指教为借口来看我。
    He came to see me on the pretext of asking my advice.
  7. 我们得找个借口不去参加聚会。
    We'll have to find a pretext for not going to the party.


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