weight room

  • 哑铃锻炼室

weight room的用法和样例:


  1. But like Bosh and Aldridge, Randolph needs to hit the weight room.
  2. I also do a great deal of work in the weight room, including squats.
  3. It was in the weight room in the opening months of last season that Bryant was pleasantly surprised to find Bynum, a reluctant worker in his first two professional seasons.
  4. There are a weight room, principle ball court rooms for audio-visuals and aero-bic dancing room in the building.
  5. Kidd took him into the locker room, gave him sneakers owned by Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson ("They won't miss these," Kidd assured), and showed him the pool, hot tub and weight room.
  6. His rehab is right on schedule according to head coach Nate McMillan and Greg continues to do pool work and stays busy in the weight room under the watchful eye of Blazers trainer Jay Jensen.
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