weight lose

  • 体重减轻

weight lose的用法和样例:


  1. But avoid fasting or rapid weight lose, since doing so may temporarily raise uric acid levels.
  2. This controller can be used in vibration massager with 4 rotating speeds for weight losing exercise. CE &GS certificates have been obtained.
  3. The effects of ginger oil on weight losing and serum lipid lowing of the nutritional pimelosis rats was evaluated in the study.
  4. He vowed (that) he would lose weight.
  5. By mea ns of wear resistance test, it is showed that the weight losing percent of spray welding coating only was 1/6 of high C and Cr cast iron and 1/11 of ZGCr5Mo ste el.
    喷熔层的磨损失重率只是高碳高铬铸铁的 1 /6倍,是ZGCr5Mo耐磨钢的 1 /11倍。
  6. Besides, the measuring accuracy of the apparatus has been considerably increased, the size made smaller, and weight lost, so that they are fit for a viation use.
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