want sth done

  • 要某人把某事做好

want sth done的用法和样例:


  1. Want to unite the design on wall act the role ofing and curtain as far as possible, can make the space is in what get sth done without any letup achieves on integral feeling to connect feel fully.
  2. Equate sth and sth Don't make the mistake of equating high test scores and intelligence.
  3. This year of scientist of nearly 70, spirit is hale and hearty, thinking is active, the report of 3 many hours, get sth done without any letup.
  4. From kitchen workbench the face arrives cistern, get sth done without any letup, do not have slack Tibet absolutely corrupt wait for a problem, it is so choose to go up.
  5. Later, in philosopher guide below, everybody at the same place sclerotic road surface, thereby get sth done once and for ever, need not suffer again " change a shoe " suffering.

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