user query

  • 用户查询

user query的用法和样例:


  1. The URI does not contain a \{...} placeholder for the user query.
    用户查询的网址中没有出现 \\{...} 占位符。
  2. Given our passion for search, we absolutely want to make sure that every user query gets the most relevant results.
  3. Number of scans by user queries.
  4. Number of seeks by user queries.
  5. A technique of clustered user query schema matching is proposed in order to improve the efficiency of large scale schema matching.
  6. In this article, you learn how to create a Visual Studio Tools for Office Second Edition add-in that lets the user query a data source and view the results.
    在本文中,您将学习如何创建能让用户查询数据源并查看结果的Visual Studio Tools for Office Second Edition加载项。
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