turn rate

  • 转弯角速度

turn rate的用法和样例:


  1. What is the turning rate of the radar?
  2. A: No. Rotation is instantly at max turning rate.
  3. Pitbull: Health increased by 33%. Rate of fire increased by 25%.Turret turn rate and pitch rate increased, improving the Pitbull's ability to fire on fast-moving aircraft.
  4. These problems are as follows:scientific decision rule,comparison of mult-schemes,market analysis,price analysis and forecast,basic re turn rate of project,fund raising etc.
  5. Considering the aircraft as particle and using minimal input data to analyze the agility and post stall dynamic boundaries of TVC/PSM aircraft, which based on the analysis of turn rate plot and energy information.
    以飞机为质点 ,考虑在最少输入数据情况下 ,基于转弯速率图并从能量的角度计算和分析了 TVC/PSM飞机的过失速动态边界 ;
  6. To the fact that the engines are almost impulse engines at present, this method can restrain the turn rate and undershooting rate effectively.Besides, it can also keep the stability of the trajectory.
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