total input

  • 总输入信号,统一输入信号

total input的用法和样例:


  1. The ratio of the effective or useful output to the total input in any system.
  2. The total input power flow is expressed in an equation of Hermitian quadratic form as the objective function.
  3. System error is used as input of CMAC, and weighting is adjusted with the difference between output of CMAC and total input of system.
  4. An extended DEA model is suggested, which is capable of maximizing the efficiency of individual units, that is, total input consumption is minimized and total output production is maximized.
  5. It is showed that the exergy loss ofthe compressure is nearly 50%of total input exergy,and the bed column, almost 30%, the coler, 9.39%,the waste gas, 5.73%, the total energy efficiency is only 8.51%.
  6. In the wheat/maize rotation fields of the two years, the input of N,P and K for the winter wheat account for 67.27% and 67.41% , 86.43%and 84.72%, 54.43%and 75.88%of total inputs respectively so that much less fertilizer were used for maize.
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