stone roller

  • 石滚筒

stone roller的用法和样例:


  1. With prolonged absence of the stone roller milling wheel, shop spaces in the turf looking tiles from the mesh of saying Lao Gao, which is Maunsell.
  2. During the design of backstop, especially the design of the key part allotype stone roller is not deep, the study is still relatively simple now, the method of research is still relatively backward.
  3. The threshing treatment include three, namely: 1) man-power beating with chains and poles (A1), 2) the stone roller beating drived by a tractor (A2), and 3) by use of a Combine (A3).
  4. Nowadays, countries have modern tools; stone rollers are no longer commonly used to husk rice.
    如今农村有了现代化的工具, 已经不怎么用碾磙子碾米了。
  5. Rossi and Green are pictured beside one of the heavy stone rollers that "war-time" Chinese workmen and soldiers used to build and maintain the airfield's vital runway.
  6. A stone hit the car and damaged the paintwork.

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