stone mill

  • 碎石机,岩石破碎机,磨石机,石粉工场

stone mill的用法和样例:


  1. Stone Mill, quality white marble, grinding drug-specific instrument.
  2. After checking it, the stonemason shook his head, saying that it is not hard enough for a stone mill.
  3. Traditional Authentic Bread Baking: We start from grains.First grinding flour in a stone mill, then knead by hands, then we will bake bread in a freshly built mud brick oven !
  4. Subsequently, stone mill bull-puncher gains ground quickly to come, make a kind of the the most abiding, most extensive fashionable clothing.
  5. For another time, a stonemason came to make a stone mill for us.Then my grandmother suggested:"How about using this black stone, so you don't have to bring one from faraway.
  6. What spread in the courtyard for instance is green flag, what stick on gazebo is cobble, most distinctive, count the stage basin in toilet, it is the stone mill with huge one side.
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