stone cork cell

  • 石细胞性木栓细胞, 石性木栓细胞

stone cork cell的用法和样例:


  1. ResultsAtractylodes macrocephala Koidz.transection structure fiber synanthrin,crystalline calcium oxalate,cork cell and stone cell can be regarded as identification character.
  2. Result: The species of the genus Begonia are defferent from each other in cork cell, fiber,stone cell, glandular hairs.Rutin and quercition is found in these species.
  3. The ability of the resistance of rice cultivars against Sogatella fur- cifera (Horvath) is closely correlated with the cuticula structure featued of the silicon cell chain and silicon cell group, spines and setae, cork cell and wax layer.
    水稻抗御白背飞虱Sogatella furcifera(Horvath)的能力,与水稻叶鞘表皮组织的矽细胞群、矽细胞链、刺毛、刚毛、木栓组织、蜡被层密度等密切相关。 这些结构的数值化指标。
  4. In fact the fruit spot of the pear was one of phellem (the cork cells) formed by cambium of phellem of the periderm.
  5. The proportion of suberinite in organic macerals is generallyless than 2% if onlysuberized cell walls are counted, and reached up to about 20% if both suberized cell wallsand corpocollinite which are contained within the cork cells are counted.

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