solution treat

  • 固溶处理

solution treat的用法和样例:


  1. The frequency of PEG induced fusion reached 42.7%, as FA solution treated for 15 min and FB 10 min respectively.
    化学融合法(PEG法)在融合诱导液(FA)作用时间15 min和固定液(FB)作用10 min条件下,其双核融合率最高为42.;7%25。
  2. The application result showed that the remained bacterium numbers after chlorine dioxide solution treating were much less than using chlorine as bactericide.
  3. Through assaying the MDA content of E. coli solution treated by electrochemical oxidation, the oxidation mechanism of E. coli at nanoSnO2 electrode was investgated and satisfactory results were obtained.
  4. The fracture mode of as-rolled and solution treated TiMoSn alloys is ductile fracture with the appearance of necking down, and the main characterisitic of broken cross-section is dimple.
  5. Objective This study investigates the effects of hyperoxic solution on silicosis rabbits to explore the possibility of clinical application in hyperoxic solution treating silicosis.
  6. Vodka is produced as follows: the mixture of high-purity rectified alcohol and drinking water,then the solution treated by active carbon or birch carbon and then filtration.Alcohol quality is...

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