solute migration distance

  • 溶质迁移距离

solute migration distance的用法和样例:


  1. Hydrocarbon expulsion relies mainly on diffusional effect and its migration distance is very short.
  2. However, a constant relationship between pyrrolic nitrogen composition and absolute migration distance of an oil should not be expected.
  3. According to the basic characteristics of solute migration on chromatographic columns , eluting curve expression has been obtained under the conditions of balance chromatography without considering the reverse flow.
  4. This paper first establishes a geochemical model based on surface complexion and then coupled it with traditional advection dispersion model to constitute a solute migration model, which can deal with surface complexion action.
    本文建立了一个基于表面络合吸附作用的地球化学模式 ,并将其与传统的对流 -弥散模型相耦合 ,建立了一个能够考虑表面络合吸附影响的溶质迁移模型。
  5. The AVO technique is mainly used to study the variation regularity of seismic wave amplitude with the migration distance, and the distribution of the 3D seismic data directly influences the effects of AVO processing.

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